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About Us


Not so very long ago, an Irish lass met a Russian boy in New York City. Lesley spoke no Russian and Sergey very little English, the designer and the carpenter just a couple of immigrants fulfilling their dreams of making it big in the Big Apple.

After a short courtship they married and continued their life together in NYC, in a small and bijoux 5th floor walk-up in the East Village, long hours that Lesley spent as an associate designer at Ralph Lauren, Jones of New York, and DKNY, then back to Ralph Lauren, this time as Design Director for their Women's Sleepwear division. Sergey toiled in the theater, a sort of jack-of-all-trades. They would eat late dinners together in tiny bars, creative impulses dovetailing over cabbage rolls and blinis with cold sour cream, glasses of beer and vodka, then back to work, working to live, around the clock, until the two began to think of a life beyond the city, some place simple where they could combine their love of fashion and design with space to breathe.

And then a minibreak in a small southeastern town, sun and sunburn and all of a sudden, promise of another chance in a new place. The two returned to New York, packed up their kits and their schnitzel, and tucked it all into boxes along with fine, fond memories of the Big City, ready start over, start fresh in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The move allowed Lesley to begin designing for herself, an odd, exciting notion that opened her up to the infinite possibilities in the fashion world. Instead of following the lines of another's aesthetic, she is in the designer's seat, and the course she's set for Rove and Roam is one that pulls from the past yet looks to the future, a retro-inspired, vintage-sourced, modern iteration of womenwear, for the city girl, suburban girl, and even the girl way out in the old country.